• The latest innovation to hit motive power is Modular High frequency chargers.  Charging Technologies has high frequency chargers for standard charging regimes up to the demanding amp output of fast charging. Peak high efficiency (95%) and peak power factor (95%) make these chargers a perfect choice for those users desiring a smaller carbon footprint while delivering a clean, cooler charge to their battery.  The high frequency chargers are available in wall mount or rack mount, single circuit and multicitrcuit. Dedicated DC voltage or Multi-DC Volt. We have the charger for all of your motive power needs.  Our Xtreme Power HF chargers all meet the California Energy Commission efficiency standards. 

Charging Technologies  has designed a charger for practically every industrial application. Our ferroresonant (FR) technology chargers with our latest technology controls deliver efficiency (88%) and power factor (+90%) ; close to that of high frequency chargers. FR chargers are known to last well beyond the 10 years that our transformers are warranted, delivering thousands of trouble free charge cycles at a very economical cost to the user.

For those users who need the most charger for the lowest cost we offer our value line VH & VX . High efficiency and high power factor come standard on this ferroresonant charger designed to offer an alternative to imported linear chargers - no need to sacrifice battery life & safety for low acquisition cost!



Battery Monitoring & Management:  



TOBi PI Wi-z 

Your Total Onboard Battery information Private Eye! WIRELESSLY Communicates with your laptop

  • NEW: Sleek, compact size: just 1.56" wide x 3.5" long x .875" high.
  • NEW: Water proof and battery acid resistant composite molded enclosure. 
  • NEW: combination electrolyte / temperature sensor- mainains historical record in real time.
  • NEW: Tobi PI Wi-z report suite
  • Captures and saves life-time amp hour throughput.
  • Opportunity charge with temperature compensation.
  • Detect cell issues before they become material handling issues!
  • Optimize fleet utilization by tracking battery usage in real time.
  • Captures and stores previous 4000 battery events.
  • Fast, Easy installation

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